The Cargo Department works under the umbrella of the Services & Delivery Division of Tajuj Aviation. Combining the long-established cargo management expertise and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Cargo ensures providing high standards of cargo security and service, not only to Tajuj Aviation clientele, but also to all airlines, operating to and from Sudan International Airport.

Backed by an automated cargo handling system, highly skilled and trained staffs provide expeditious and efficient services to its valued customers.

Cargo Department

The Cargo Department will soon embark on an automation project for Tajuj Aviation to improve its cargo reservation and booking facilities. With the support of the current automated cargo-ground handling system, this will ensure better and improved service to cargo-clients of Tajuj Aviation– network-wide, as well as airlines operating in Sudan and Outside Country.

  • Services and Facility
  • Provides 24-hour services for import and export cargo.
  • Utilizes an automated cargo system for documentation, warehousing, Export cargo acceptance and Imports cargo delivery purposes.
  • Round-the-clock break-down and build-up of cargo.
  • Cold-storage and freezer-storage facilities.
  • Storage for dangerous and hazardous cargo.
  • Separate storage facilities for vulnerable and valuable cargo.
  • Electronic weighing scales for accurate calculations of weight capacities.
  • Cargo undergoes x-raying for safety and security purposes.
  • Special handling of RFS-cargo of various airlines.

Quality Standards


  • Directing the planning and the laying out of the details of these standards methods and procedures used by TAJUJ AVIATION in compliance with all applicable regulations, manufacturer specification and recommendation, and approves the relevant documents.
  • Assessing and re-evaluating subcontractors for extension of the quality system.
  • For subcontractors: Ensuring correct detailing and processing of all subcontract orders and Ensuring that the requirements of the contract order are fulfilled in respect of inspection and quality control.
  • Audit program implementation through which compliance with all maintenance procedures is reviewed at regular intervals.
  • Notification or deficiencies to the accountable manager for cases in respect of finance and acceptability of standards.
  • Maintaining continuous links with the authority and notifying significant changes within the organization.

Tajuj Aviation Responsibilities

aviation - responsibility
The Division is responsible for ensuring the regulations are current; the national tools, processes and staff instructions are in place to deliver the programs; and functional advice and direction is provided to meet operational requirements. In addition, the Division identifies training requirements necessary to support the implementation of the regulatory program in the following areas:

  • Tajuj Aviation is responsible for the development and maintenance of
  • regulations,
  • standards,
  • advisory circulars
  • staff instructions related to
  • Dangerous Goods,
  • Cabin Safety,
  • Aviation Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Private Operator Passenger Transportation,
  • Commercial Air Operations.
  • Import Cargo Services
  • Utilizing an automated cargo handling system, Import Cargo Section provides 24-hour information on cargo arrivals and flight schedules. Within 8 hours from its arrival, general cargo is checked, stored and documents are made available for Customs clearance. Quick-service facilities are provided for perishables and special cargo.
  • Working adjacent with Customs Authorities, the Import Cargo Customer Service Unit provides documents to its customers in order to secure quick Customs clearance requirements.
  • Freight-Status-Updates (FSU) messaging requirements of airlines are met through the automated cargo handling system and electronic data interchange gateway facilities. These messages are sent automatically to the customers, depending on the status-event of the consignment.
  • Export Cargo Services
  • Accepts shipments from individual shippers, as well as, cargo agents/freight forwarders. Using state-of-the-art electronic weighing scales, weight of shipments are accurately reported for flight-safety requirements. Cargo accepted for exporting is x-rayed under the supervision of Airport Security, for safety and security purposes.
  • Export cargo documentation is automated through the computerized cargo handling system.
  • Cargo is built-up by highly trained and qualified staffs.
  • Quality Assurance Functions
  • Establishing standard practices and procedures for use within the organization derived from approved sources and keeping up to date.
  • Publishing procedures within the organization to achieve good maintenance practices in compliance with SCAA requirements.
  • Ensuring the competence of all personnel engaged in maintenance.
  • Nominating all maintenance certifying staff.
  • Maintaining a master record of maintenance personnel having certifying privileges and maintaining the summaries of their employment.
  • Assessing suppliers of new and used components and materials for satisfactory product quality in relation to the needs of the organization.
  • Assessing external specialist services required to be used by the company to perform the required maintenance.
  • Ensuring that the procedures established and published within the organization to achieve good maintenance practices are in compliance with SCAA requirements.
  • Ensuring that the maintenance carried out meets the standards required by the SCAA.

Quality Policy

  • The staff’s commitment to a quality policy.
  • Ensuring that this policy is well understood and implemented throughout the organization.
  • Continuous preventive actions.
  • Continuous internal surveillance of all Company procedures of the departments vested with the responsibility to perform these procedures.
  • Ensuring that the maintenance activities conform to the standards set by the regulatory authorities, the manufacturer and TAJUJ AVIATION Standards. By so doing, TAJUJ AVIATION can avoid post-overhaul problems that decrease the fleet’s operational reliability.
  • Attaining the highest standards of airworthiness and safety.
  • Ensuring compliance with the TAJUJ AVIATION reference criteria: Technical Standards and Policies and Procedures
  • Ultimately, assisting the organization’s personnel to carry out duties and responsibilities more effectively and efficiently.

These bases are for the aim of ensuring that:

  • The engineering and maintenance standards are established to meet safety, operational and economic objectives.
  • Staff is continuously educated on regulations of the day.
  • Regulations are apparent to all personnel working on the aircraft.

Focus is made on maintenance quality and record keeping on a daily basis