About Us

Tajuj group is a group of companies located across the globe; their main mission is to provide excellent logistical support to our customers around the world. The group started with Tajuj For Development And Investment Co. LTD which was established in 2006 to provide logistical support to the United Nations missions across Africa.

We are approved vendor and a contractor to the United Nations. As our business grew, we established Tajuj Trading FZE (Dubai) in October 2012. The strategic location of Tajuj Trading helps us accomplish our missions and objectives in a timely manner and keep our customers happy. As our customer based expanded we established Tajuj For Development And Investment – SARL located in Bamako – Mali to help support our customers in west Africa and help support the United Nations missions in west Africa.

As our company expands and grows, it was necessary to establish a U.S based company to help in providing better services to our customer and establish the group as a global player in logistical support across the supply chain business. On January 2016 we established Tajuj For Development U.S.A INC, in New York City, with this addition Tajuj Group will be a major player in providing logistical support across the globe.