About Us

Tajuj group is an umbrella of various companies located across the globe; our vision is to become a global pioneer in the provision of logistics services to our clients world-wide. As we provide excellent logistical support to our clients around the world, with a mission to deliver elite, premium quality, cost effective and prompt service to our clients. The group started with Tajuj for Development and Investment Co. LTD which was established in 2006 to provide logistical support to the United Nations missions across Africa.

A we are an approved vendor and a contractor to the United Nations. As our business grew, we established Tajuj representatives around the globe in Kenya, United Arab Emirates, United State of America and Mali. The strategic locations of Tajuj Trading empower us to succeed in performing according to our missions and objectives in a timely manner and keep our clients satisfied. As our client base expanded, we inaugurated Tajuj for Development and Investment – located in Doha – Qatar to help support our clients in the EMEA and help support the United Nations missions in the Asia – Pacific region.

As our company expands and grows, it’s necessary to establish partnership to support our client achieving their mandates to keep helping those in needs.